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BigRock was a C++ library for producing real-time smooth terrain while relying on minimal dependencies. It was intended to be easily implemented into any existing game engine, or in raw C++. It was also intended to provide tools for synchronizing terrain over networked simulations.

I conceptualized it in December 2018 when I wanted to experiment with smooth deformable terrain on a planetary scale, but I was not able to find a working library for use with the Godot game engine. One of BigRock’s features was the use of a recursive octree for terrain storage, so certain areas of terrain could have significant detail without wasting memory for areas that were less detailed.

In Spring 2019, in my final semester at Kennesaw State University, I asked my Digital Media professor if I could develop this experimental prototype for my idea as my final project, which he allowed. The resulting demo is capable of running in modern web browsers.

I continue to experiment with smooth terrain in hopes of making an easy-to-implement library (most likely using Rust in the future).

BigRock 0.1 Prototype