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Godot for Nintendo Wii

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In August 2020, while messing around with various console emulators, I found out that many Nintendo consoles have many community toolchains for building programs to run on them. After seeing that the Wii had a GCC toolchain, I joked with some friends about porting the Godot Game Engine to the Wii. After sleeping on it, I decided that it would actually be a fun project, and that it would teach me a lot about both Godot’s platform-abstraction and graphics code, and give me experience with developing code for non-desktop platforms.

Currently, the engine works with most extra modules disabled. It is capable of interpreting GDScript, and I am working on a video driver for Godot to use the Wii’s GX graphics subsystem. After that, I will need to add an audio driver, and configure the Wii’s TEV unit for 3D shading. It’s a large project and I don’t expect I will be able to fully complete it, but it has been a fun and interesting experiment.

Godot in Dolphin